Affordable Collect & Pay Services

As a Web3 company, you frequently engage in substantial cross-border transactions involving payments to employees, vendors, and various stakeholders globally. Traditional banking channels often impose high fees, currency conversion markups, and undisclosed costs for such transfers.


SingX offers a cost-effective and seamless solution for international fund transfers, ensuring significant savings. Utilize our multi-currency accounts to efficiently manage the entire payment process, from collection and holding to conversion and disbursement. Simplify your payment workflows, save time, and effortlessly track your transactions with SingX.

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Provide your SingX Account Number to your Buyers. They can easily send funds to you in the invoicing currency

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Hold funds in your Multi currency virtual account as long as you like

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Convert from one currency to another at preferential rates



Make salary/supplier payments OR simply bring the collected funds back home.

*Subject to local regulations in your country

Benefits of SingX

Huge Savings

Access to Live and Competitive FX rates without any hidden bank charges or mark ups.

Full Control on FX

Ability to determine time of FX conversion based on prevailing rates and requirements.

Licensed & Regulated

Based in one of the world's most respected financial hubs, we are licensed in every market we operate in.

Tailormade Solutions

We customize our product and platform to address your specific pain points.

Real-time Transfers

We process payments 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Named Multi-Currency Accounts

Get an account in your name, with a unique account number and a multi-currency wallet feature.

How to Open an Account

Submit your contact details to us

Our sales agent will reach out to assist you

Account Opening within 2 days of document submission

Our Business Platform

Our intuitive and user-friendly dashboard provides a one-stop solution for managing all your international pay-ins and pay outs. Boost your profitability by reducing expenses on fees, FX markups, and manpower. 

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help.business@singx.co  |  +65 3163 6148

*SingX Pte Ltd is a company registered in Singapore (UEN: 201433979Z) and works with licensed remittance operators in each country. In Singapore, SingX works with our group company, SingX Singapore Pte Ltd (UEN: 201533243W) which is regulated as a remittance business (License number PS20200369) by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). For a list of licenses in all countries, please click here.